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Originally Posted by ameliorate
To share a major and well established positive thing in my life is that I am very content to live a semi reclusive lifestyle with a naturalistic garden. I love solitude - the freedom to do what you want, when you want and being at peace with myself/grounded. I know many people see being alone as loneliness and, to me, this largely feels like they have not yet made friends with themselves yet, i.e. are not in harmony with their own company.

(I hasten to add that I have good social skills, enjoy being with people (more so because it's not so often). As a lightworker, I gravitate to those emotionally suffering and find I am able to help alleviate their situation; giving so much can leave me drained so the opportunity for solitude and to recharge my batteries is a real boon.)

It helps that I'm inquisitive (so much to know/learn about) and creative e.g. into upcycling, trying out/adapting recipes, writing the odd short story.

You ask us to also share what we are happy about. Obviously the toll of this global pandemic is catastrophic but - on the plus side - it's given many a chance to pause, reflect and the opportunity to reset/take more beneficial future directions. Perhaps more welcoming is that it provides an opportunity to shake up their priorities, discover what really matters (e.g. the quality of relationships) helping to reevaluate the hold that materialism had on their lives accordingly.

Also I'm a member of a local community forum (not spiritual - just neighbours) and am delighted that many on there are now noticing and appreciating nature anew/with fresh eyes and sharing the joy that this brings them. I have always been a nature lover which is a constant source of delight to me.

What a lovely post, ameliorate! One I can really identify with, thank you.

I'm loving the idea of your creativity - especially upcycling.

I feel a bit guilty about feeling so happy and contented with my lot (though it be rather humble compared to some, still, I have myriad blessings for which to be grateful) and agree - being alone is not synonymous with loneliness. I refer back to Big John's recent comments on another thread about animism, and the loving ties I feel for the natural world. I feel deeply sorry for those not so well equipped for being alone.
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