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Hi Heightened Awareness:

I have seen your posts around the forum, and noticed that if anything, I can't see any heightened awareness in you, but that didn't matter so much.

I wasn't going to but I just couldn't resist. BTW, welcome to the SF's H-A, instead, I get

Firstly you have spelt my pseudo name incorrectly (the way I have spelt it has meaning to me, Height-End). Also, the fact that you cannot read as I asked for the reader to have an open mind towards this and that you also lack the intelligence to be objective towards this topic, you come out openly swinging with slander as your opening statement proves the above mentioned as most during any in a battle of dialogue (argument) would do when they have very little ammunition (knowledge) of the narrative being conveyed other than their own experience.
So please, chill and enjoy the topic. This ride ain't over yet!
'The two most important days in your life; the day you were born and the day you find out why.' - Mark Twain

Ha ezek lennének az utolsó szavaim, minden jót kívánok az élet során. Ahogy mindent megtettem, hogy figyelmeztesselek. Béke és szeretet mindig - HA

Yes, I spell my alias incorrectly on purpose. To prove I am not perfect. Yet.

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