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I won't argue whether the virus is real or not. I will assume that it is, in which case it kills people with underlying severe health problems. The chance of dying from it is less than 0,3% (general public) and even lower for the non-elderly. It's even less if you correct for all causes, as definitions have been ''liberal'', as the health advisor of the US government admitted back in spring. The seasonal flu kills hundreds of thousands of people with weak immune system every year. Others will get sick, and most will barely notice anything. Many people that have had c19 already had minor symptoms, many didn't even realize they had it.

That's not to downplay the unlucky people, because nobody with a weak immune system wants to catch a flu strain, but I think the larger context should also not be ignored.

Meanwhile, thanks to lockdowns, suicide rates have gone up, people have lost jobs, and more people will lose their businesses and become more dependent upon the state. The large corporations will have claimed more power. This isn't even getting into the long term consequences of the lockdowns.

When this thing started I thought it seemed like the right thing to take extra precautions together, but too many things this year just stink and are different pieces of the same puzzle. I think these drastic changes are part of a wider, global agenda of mass surveillance, social credit system, and technocracy over democracy.

Since this is posted in Healing, I'd say that what we need for healing now is working on our health (good for all of us no matter your beliefs on this topic), keep an open skeptical mind, and say no to less privacy and liberty in the name of security. If you feel uncomfortable and worried about your health you can always take more precautions, stay at home, etc. We need to take care of ourselves and not be bullied into submission and collectivism.