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Hi 12Counsellors, I get the impression that you are receiving spirit communications through your dreams. Through dreams, spirits can communicate information easier than in waking life. Spiritual dreams, like this one, indicate latent psychic/mediumship abilities that may be developed by the dreamer, if so desired. You must have some abilities.

The reason that I believe you have received some communication with the other side is 1) the presence of telepathy. Spirits communicate through telepathy, as they no longer have a physical body which requires actual talking. Which is why you heard the young woman talking to you so clearly from across the lake. 2) You knew you were in a different country, which indicates some astral travel. The policeman looked confused as he didn't know you were astral traveling. 3) You were exhausted after waking up which indicates that your astral body hadn't recovered from your traveling. Your physical body stays in the bed, while your astral body goes out and about.

So, I think you were given this information for a reason, which you will have to explore. As you walked into the pond, which direction was the girl (that later appeared) in location to you? If it was to the right, that indicates a future event. If to the left of you, past. If to the front of you, it would indicate present event. Depending on location will give indication of when bodies are/were found.

I hope this helps!
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