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Im not the only one

Before I explain this dream I had recently, I would just like to mention that I don't live in the United States, and I have no connection to anyone there in person but in saying that, in spirit I have been shown so many places and been travelling through many people (not sure how though) and in many of my dreams been a victim or a bystander.

This Particular dream I was swimming in a lake, autumn leaves were falling from trees around me and I could see the other end of this lake in the distance ahead. The water was cold but bearable enough to swim in. Not thinking anything of it, I was the only one there. It was as though this lake was hidden from the amount of trees surrounding it. I swam to the middle and straightened my legs out underneath me standing using my arms to tread through the water keeping me afloat. As I was doing this I felt what I thought was some broken tree trunks wedged at the bottom of this lake. I was beginning to think this lake isn't that deep. Confused about it, I moved one of my feet off to the side and it was then that I realised that just beneath me was a dead body.

I began to panic. Struck with fear, I looked out to the other end of this lake and saw a young woman (in her late teens, early twenties) standing at the edge looking at me. She was slim with long blonde hair dripping with water and wearing wet clothing as though she too went for a swim. She pointed to where I was and said, "I am not the only one"

I could hear her so clearly as though she was whispering it right into my ear. I swam as fast as I could to get to where she was standing and when I got there she was gone. I called the police and watched them pull out around 24 bodies (there could have been more). I felt sick. I asked the police what country I was in and he looked at me puzzled probably thinking I was in shock and said, The United States"

I woke up with my heart racing, hyperventilating and perspiring. I seem to think there are spirits trying to communicate with me showing me these dreams. I was extremely tired there after the next morning, it felt like I hadn't slept at all.

This is not the only dream I've been having but one of many.

Would great if anyone could share their views on this.

Take care guys
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