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Originally Posted by astralsuzy
I agree with this. If you learnt how to do it yourself think of all the money you would save. Also there would be people that are not good at reading it so you would be paying a lot of money for nothing. You could also get different readings so it could get confusing.
That problem would be very easy to solve: find a reader on youTube who offers Pick a Card readings for free and also does private readings.
Then you can first watch a number of pick a cards -possibly already get the answer you're looking for btw- but you can get a feel for how they read and if they're any good or not.
If you like their style you can approach them for a personal reading.
That's how I'd do it, also how I got a lot of personal readings for people done as they knew from my channel how and what I read, whether I was any good or not.
I myself would never do it any other way, go to a stranger and pay them without knowing anything. I'd always go for someone who does free pick a card readings online. Why do you think so many do these free readings? It gets them a ton of work and money.

Advising to learn to read the cards yourself is not very good nor helpful. Not everyone can or wants to and reading for yourself can be tricky too.
We can't all learn and do everything ourselves, and not everything is your specialty. That's why we can get plumbers, bookkeepers, carpenters, and card readers etc. in to help us out :)
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