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Maybe find another type of reader. Personally I don't do predictions, which is future telling. I tune in to what the person wants to know and then read how they can get there. This leaves the choice and control in the power of the readee, which is empowering. It's up to them. The cards give them the best way to go about it and also why it is stagnating and not working out.

As for asking again and again, that typically gets you confusing & contradicting odd messages from the cards. Because you don't trust them. Then they don't give a clear answer anymore.
I once even had a physical manifestation happen with a lamp when I kept asking and asking, pulling cards. It began flickering, making loud noise as it did, as if a huge moth was trapped inside. Scared me to be honest.
First I thought the light bulb was about to die on me, but it was too different. I acknowledged it was Spirit saying, warning me, to stop it. And I did, the light stopped flickering, and I went to sleep.
Next evening in bed I did it again, so did the light. Back to flickering & that weird sound.
So I said, "Okay, I got it!" and stopped. As soon as I did the lamp turned to doing its normal thing again: spreading light.
The bulb lasted for a lot of years, so it hadn't been that. It was Spirit's way of telling me to stop doing what I was doing.

In my opinion it's like I said before: if you don't trust the cards, don't trust Spirit, and/or don't trust a reader, then don't have a reading done.
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