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I am sure that everyone has their own preferences; my preference is that people should learn how to read
the cards for themselves and not be dependent on others to read tarot cards for them. Reading the cards
is called divination, there is a divine aspect to it.

I started using tarot back in the 1970’s, reading my own cards and using them as a way to communicate
with my deeper inner being. I also learned how to use the Runes. There were times when I would ask a
question and read tarot cards for an answer, and then immediately cast the Runes asking the same question.

It was uncanny because I got basically the same answer from the Runes as I got from Tarot on the same
question. If you go to two different readers with the same question it will depend on how intuitive the readers
are. You may get different interpretations, it depends on how insightful each reader is.

I think a person will get the most out of tarot if they study the tarot and learn how to use it for themselves.
Asking a question of tarot is like a prayer and reading the cards is like a meditation. Tarot is a spiritual tool
and if you learn how to use it, it can help you grow spiritually. This is my experience.
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