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Originally Posted by Morpheus
My understanding T.A., is that, what we perceive as "reality", actually is a translation of vibrations.

And IMO you are correct, without an observer, there is no universe. In reality, there is no such thing as sound, when a tree falls in the forest there is no sound without an observer, only silent shock waves spreading out from the point of impact, unless there is a created sensor there to pick up those waves and convert them to electric pulses which are sent to the created brain, where those shock waves as converted to that which you perceive as sound.

As with the fragrance of a flower, those molecules which are released from the flower have no scent, it's only when they enter your created nostrils and are converted to electric pulses which are sent to the created brain, where they are then perceived to be a wonderful fragrance of the flower, which in reality has no colour, etc, and so it is with all the senses of the observer, without who, there would only be the swirling expanding cloud of vibrating photons, which are the quantum of the electromagnetic energy that was spewed out in the event that is called 'The Big Bang' which electromagnetic energy, we perceive as this physical universe and all therein.

You and I Morph, we are no more than a mass of swirling vibrating atoms which have no physical properties whatsoever.

May our God preserve you Morph.
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