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Animal Egos??

So one function of an ego is to give the brain something to model as self when evaluating the risks of threats and opportunities. Big dogs might like to chase house cats, but are apt to keep their distance from lions and tigers (and from full grown moose as I can attest). I am also pretty sure I had a cat that was an egomaniac.

Yet, every time one of those little ankle biter dogs goes after a large breed, or after my ankle, I have to wonder whether they have any realistic sense of self. I mean the large breeds just walk on bye, or just want to say hi and get some attention, but the little ones seem to want to threaten everybody with an imminent mauling....well a toe or shoe mauling anyway.

So, do other animals such as cats and dogs have egos?
If so, how do you think that works?
How do they experience self?

I would think that primates have egos of some sort.
What about rats and mice?
What about parrots and crows? Very smart critters!

Anecdotal stories about egomaniac or narcissistic pets are always welcome as well, especially if funny.
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