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Ugh! This proved to be accurate

Originally Posted by Pisces_Moon

What I need to think about - 7 of Cups.
I need to be mindful of the options that seem to be presenting themselves, however, careful consideration needs to be given as to whether they're real opportunities or if they are poisoned chalices.

What I need to do - Hierophant.
Stop. Think. Ask for advice and do the 'right' thing no matter how tempting it may be to think outside the box. This is about conforming to set standards, not artistic licence

Challenge - 6 of Wands.
This week's challenge suggests that I may be tempted to rest on my laurels (haha, see what I did there) however past success is no guarantee of future ones.

Ugh, looks like I need to toe the line and work my butt off this week.

Anyhow a new week awaits....

What I need to think about - 3 of Swords.
Where am I hurting myself by not letting go?

What I need to do - Page of Wands.
Do something that scares me.

Challenge - Hierophant.
Looking at the other two cards, this suggests that my challenge will be my conditioning, what I have been told to believe about my self and the world.

Ooh looks like an interesting week lies ahead.
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