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The 177 floor Tower

Its not really my style to post my non-lucid dreams but hey... I'll give it a shot. What's there to lose since its just a simple copy and paste from my dream journal. Ok here's the dream I had this morning:

My class (never met the teachers or students in real life so I don't know what type of class it was) went on an excursion to see an extremely tall building. The man who had planned the development of the building told us that it was 177 stories high. He told us only to go on the bottom few floors because the higher you go the more dangerous it gets.

My two friends (teenage boy and girl who I have never met in real life) and I used the elevator to get up onto the 2nd floor. This floor was entirely a balcony which seemed very safe and calming as people of all ages were standing around chatting and looking at the view.

Suddenly everything around us shook and faded to black. When we opened our eyes everyone had old-fashioned clothes on and our vision was black-and-white. The building was slowly moving higher up into the sky however we were a bit closer to the ground than we were a few moments ago. Before long we realised that the building was slowly rising up because they were building the ground floor by lifting the building up and building underneath it.

Once again everything around us shook and faded to black. This time when we opened our eyes it was 2012 again and everything was in colour. When we asked the man responsible for the building about previously adding another floor to it he was surprised with our knowledge and stated that the ground floor was added in the 1950’s. Before that time the “1st floor” was actually the ground floor.

Eager to go higher my friends and I jumped back into the lift and ready to visit the 12th floor. There were barely any people on this floor and most people there were desperate to get out of the building because they believed they had seen a ghost. “Maybe this is a dud floor” said one of my friends so we decided to take the ultimate challenge and go to the top floor.

The girl I was exploring with was desperate to press the button to go to the 177th floor however the boy looked a little frighted. Without hesitation she pressed the button and the lift shot up at about 10 floors per second. The boy held on to the lift rails tightly and closed his eyes while the girl watched the floor number go up with a big smile on her face.

The lift door opened on the 177th floor to what looked like a museum. It contained a variety of different objects that looked like they were from the 20th century. Something about the dark museum-like room made us feel uneasy. In the distance we saw Shadow figures swiftly move around the tables almost knocking off some of the electronic items.

Every step we took made the whole room wobble unstably. It was almost as if we were so high up that the building was going to fall down. Luckily we had barely walked out of the lift so we simply got back in and pressed the button for the 176th floor. The lift move down slowly and we stared at the door anticipating what scary scene could be on the other side.

When the lift doors opened we saw a completely white hospital-like place. Nurses were running around like crazy while people with blood all over them were dying on the ground. All three of us began walking down the hallways to work out what was going on however nobody was willing to talk to us as they were in desperate situations.

On the way back to the lift I almost tripped over a man lying on the ground with partially black feet. My very presence slowed down a nurse that was running towards the man with a medical kit. Suddenly his feet fell off and blood started pouring out of his ankles. “Now look what you've done” said the nurse angrily to me.

Terrified by the situation my friends and I ran back to the lift, wrote it down to the ground floor and escaped from the building. Outside wasn’t much better because the streets were now abandoned and looked like they had been decaying for decades. Luckily my entire class including the teacher was outside with us so we weren't alone.

Without warning the men with guns started sprinting towards us while firing out a dangerous spray of bullets. Luckily we all managed to escape by running in the opposite direction. The men didn't follow us which allowed us to continue our excursion and go for a walk in a forestry valley.

The teacher told my two friends and I to go down into the valley to make sure it was safe before the rest of the class went down. Unfortunately we spotted “magical danger” and ran back to the teacher to report the problem. Since we couldn't go into the valley we decided to skip that segment and have lunch in a gazebo.

A six year old version of my almost 3 year old sister was sitting on my lap with her arms wrapped around my neck while I ate lunch. Without me noticing she turned into a 15 year old and was no longer related to me. The other people at the table commented about “my girlfriend not being able to get enough of me” while I ignored them as I was quite embarrassed by the situation.

After lunch my friends and I saw the man that owns the 177 floor building standing nearby. We quickly ran up to him and told him that we visited the two top floors. He replied “You think that was scary? Its people like you that make me have the public lift have a cut-off at the 177th floor. The building is actually 976 floors high however higher floors are only accessible through security lifts and secret stairs scattered throughout the building.”

As soon as we heard this the teacher told as that we were going to visit the building again. My friends and I looked at each other with uncertain faces. Suddenly everything faded to black and I awoke in bed fully motionless.

Tell me what you think :)
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