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Originally Posted by IsleWalker
P.S. If your process is not to know anything more than the dream, then why did you tell me in your PM

"you don't have to describe the dream again, I'll print that out from here. Just put in that block what you think the dream is telling you."

You asked--I didn't volunteer it. Don't shoot the messenger.


I wanted you to have the last word on this, but I have to say this for anyone else who's watching the thread: Even though you may bring up private information, I am not at liberty to discuss it.

For instance, you could say that I said this or that, but in this public forum, I can neither confirm nor deny that because I have very strict rules of privacy.

Now, if I do a public interpretation, then whatever is in the thread is up for discussion, but let's say I do that interpretation and the querent then PMs me and asks a question, I can neither confirm nor deny that I ever even got a PM from them.

Whatever is private is private. Whatever is public is public.

With you, I think I broke a lot of my own rules, and these rules I had made up back when I was doing this before (2009, I think). So, with your situation I wasn't following my own rules the way I should have been. But now I'm back on track seeing how absolutely important it is for me to follow them.
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