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Originally Posted by lightgreen
Iíve experienced numerous incidents whereby Iíve been able to suddenly guess/know whatís going to happen next, e.g. what somebodyís going to say or do next, and itís happened.

I normalised this thinking that itís probably common for everybody to have some form of intuition and a lot of these things could be explained by predictive behaviours.

So I decided to test myself on a more concrete level and itís the below two predictions that have got me thinking that I may have some sort of ďpsychicĒ abilities and the purpose of this question is to ask for thoughts on these incidents and whether thereís substance to this. Itís been quite bizarre for me and Iíd be interested to learn more about the area as well as hear suggestions on what to do about this if it sounds valid.

The two incidents:

1.) During the recent Cricket World Cup, I was able to correctly predict which team would be the winner/loser for all of the matches. During the final, England vs New Zealand, I made a more concrete prediction. New Zealand batted first and got 241 runs. During the break before England started batting, I had a strong feeling that England would also get 241 runs and the match would result in a Draw. This is what happened - what I didnít know is that a Cricket World Cup final cannot be a Draw - a Draw within the 50 overs (which is what happened and very rarely happens) results in a Super Over. One over by each team and team with the highest runs wins. Both teamsí Super Over runs were also the same again affirming my prediction of a Draw and England thus won on a technicality which was that as they scored more Boundaries during the game they were deemed Winners. So basically my prediction and strong sense that England would get 241 runs (same as NZ) was surprising as there hadnít been any such draw/matched runs matches during the tournament and again this very rarely happens and was a phenomenon.

2.) At a wedding over the weekend just gone, my friends and I played a game - each person had to predict how long all of the speeches would take and the person predicting the closest time would be bought a drink by the others. My prediction was 37 minutes and 20 seconds and this was the precise time that the speeches took - a friend timed it on his phone.
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