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Hello all.

As a ponderer on many subjects, and through general interest only--not a "scientist" as such---

I think that scientific knowledge currently available could in some measure go along with, (yet not be able to "prove"), the proposition that existence is interconnected and interdependent process. Perhaps such a proposition itself is however not considered by science as being the stuff of scientific enquiry?--more of a scenario within which scientific laws of cause and consequence in varying forms are seen/known to function and have validity, but the proposed scenario itself is perhaps not possible to prove by scientific means--perhaps? because being "of"existence detachment to outside of existence in order to apply objectivity seems impossible.

However, I think that there is a certain logic in the proposition, even though it may not be able to be proven. If so, the proposition can be believed, perhaps even by scientists, even though it may not be able to be proven by scientific knowledge currently available, or in the way in which scientific knowledge has so far considered to be available, ie-by purely objective analysis. It may be that science is beginning to grapple with the possibility that there is a moving/moveable interface between what is currently understood as objective and what is not.

Choosing to believe the proposition, choosing to live in conscious cognisance of the proposition, with all the consequent behaviour which both imagination and logic suggest is appropriate and in harmony with living that proposition is, I think, to subscribe to what might have once been considered a spiritual life, but now becomes revealed as pragmatic and logical.

PS. I have no idea what the pinky purple figure at the top of this reply represents, nor have I any idea how it got there. Have I made a big finger/small screen blunder?--quite likely, happens a lot to me.

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