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Originally Posted by Miss Hepburn
Maybe you could tell me the point of this 19 min youtube

A true Muslim does not abandon any of the pillars of Islam, especially fasting
But there are Muslims who are sinners and we ask allah to guide them to the right path

That Christ, peace be upon him, fasted for forty days
All Christian fasts are influenced by the pagan nations, especially the Indians, Persians, Greeks and Babylonians

Fasting among the Christians. I remember what the Christian groups agreed on regarding fasting, for they excluded the Gospels from the legislation on fasting
They gave the church alone this right to legislate fasting
the church also did not see anything wrong with sexual intercourse between spouses, as this has nothing to do with fasting and does not spoil it from near or far.

That Christ, peace be upon him, did not fast like a church fast, and he did not say that to them

In Islam
Fasting is a spiritual, educational and disciplinary worship
Fasting is not intended only for eating and drinking
Also fasting the body parts of a person from forbidden actions
And refrain from sexual intercourse between spouses during fasting

Fasting differs from one nation to another, so fasting during the month of Ramadan is for the nation of Muhammad, peace be upon him only, excluding all other prophets
ركن المتحدثين: يتبعون بولس على حساب المسيح
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