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Originally Posted by one-light
I went out on push bike clear my head this morning - I say to myself drag this body around for another day lol.... So trying to decide the correct words to tell you lovely people I made a technical error - tinnitus was having a go last night and I'm thinking whats up with you - seems like I was supposed to be listening last evening and wasn't- so this morning I was corrected I was reminded soul for a oak tree does that mean not spirit? I added the spirit bit just assumed - never written down in black and white is it so go over details again lol - have to go over my research again - I know I read Jesus saying about splitting the soul from the spirit...

i'm just not sure on the exact details and how that would work for a tree, but some light will come on it. I think its meant to be discussed on here - see what others have to say if anything...
Hi one-light.... And without a doubt the oak tree ( as in all others ) are living things.And amazing that they can grow from a single acorn. We learn a lot from trees. How the oak tree grows in spurts, then rests, before another growth spurt , then more rest etc. Much as humans do when going along the spiritual path. We are shown so much to digest, then it stops for a while so we can "process" what we have learnt, even if only in the sub-,conscious mind, then we are shown a bit more, before another "rest" etc... And I think it's important too to think of the trees roots, connected to the earth, as we become again.
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