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I was having chat with my support an hour ago, and i was saying there's not been a rush of comments on the forum, just one regarding trees - and that I was going to do some research tonight on trees having a soul/spirit - and there is quite a bit on including the spiritual power of trees, still going through it all for a day or two now - basically people are not really sure and have different opinions, which is fair enough as we simply don't know for sure or don't want to say.

And maybe this is the reason this original post came on here to get us chatting about it, or maybe I or others here will ask their own 'spiritual support' and get some answers - so its all a bit in the sky at them moment this, in more ways than one... So message if anyone's got anything to say - If I get anything else re messages on this, you'll be first to know, along with my wife who supports me well these days...

I would just like to say when I was suffering with hyperacusis 'over sensitive hearing' a few years ago we had a lot of pigeons in our garden from other nearby houses, and whoooo were they a menace to my then delicate hearing as they all took off from the fence - but in ten years I have 'never' seen two pigeons 'kissing' - for about 3 minutes I watched, I checked it online they do, fascinating, and this happened 1 min after my conversation with my support saying the ball might be put in their court, coincidence?

We see what comes of this, maybe its just to get us discussing it if people on here are bothered to discuss, or maybe just to get some of us thinking about it - who knows if anything more will happen, we will see.

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