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Originally Posted by Bambo
Yes I heard he was a jew also and he didnt like that faith so he left and thats why they killed him........

According to the scriptures, Jesus was definitely a Jew.

The great grandfather of the biblical Jesus was Yehoshua/Jesus III, who was the high priest in Jerusalem from 36 to 23 BC and is believed to have been murdered at the orders of Herod the Great. The sonless Yehoshua, had three daughters, Joanna, Elizabeth and Anna/Hanna, whose mother was from the tribe of Asher.

Elizabeth, the sister to Hanna, was the aged mother of John the Baptist and aunty to Mary, who IMO became pregnant to Joseph her half-brother, as she and Joseph were both sired by Alexander Helios III who is also called Heli, who IMO was the son of Cleopatra and Mark Antony.

There are two men from around this period, who were named ‘Alexander Helios III’, one was the son of Cleopatra and Mark Anthony, who was adopted out after the suicidal deaths of his parents, with absolutely no historical evidence of what may have happened to him, the other, was the son (Or adopted son) of Mattathias=Mattat and his wife Esther of Jerusalem, or Queen Alexandra II, a close friend of Cleopatra the Queen of Egypt.

Alexandra was to became the mother (Or step-mother) of Heli ben Mattat or Prince Alexander Helios III. who became the father of Mary the mother of Jesus and her half- brother Joseph, by different mothers.

Esther of Jerusalem can be identified as the future Maccabee Queen known by her Greek name as Queen Alexandra II, who was the great grandmother of Yeshua (Jesus) on his father’s side. Whereas the great grandmother on his mother’s side was Phanuel the mother of Hanna the mother of Mary.
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