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Originally Posted by Anala
I have used acupuncture to migraines and had a very experienced practitioner, my migraines subsided for several years.

I had another who help with some never pain. I was learning to meditate, so I tired meditating while receiving a treatment and I felt as if I was literally nailed to the table. I told the practitioner and found that acupuncture is grounding. So, that explains the nailed feeling.

I think there are all types of practitioners

I have needles applied that hurt and bruise and needles applied that did not. I am learning to trust my gut on how I feel about practitioner, the same with any professional.

The clinic I went to, could insert and remove needles without me feeling them.

They even expanded the acupuncture when they attached small electrical wires to the needles to give an electrical stimulus. Even that did not help. I have 2 Tens units and they do work. Sometimes I would run both units at the same time, a total of 4 channels.


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