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Originally Posted by Lancii
So, first I should introduce myself I guess.
My name is Lana & I am 25yrs old :) For years I've been suffering chronic
bladder infections (UTI). For years I've been on many many doses of antibiotics to help treat my infections. I would get them almost every month & then for 10 days every month I would be on antibiotic. Sometimes I would be on them for 6 months also. Depends what doctors would say.
After 5yrs of constant infections & antibitotics I started using dmannose powder & capsules & i managed to get rid of the infections for 3yrs!
Recently, 4 months ago they came back! Even though i didn't stop using dmannose!
Now, I am very interested in spirituality & have been quite involved with it for the last 6 months.
I've read that infections like that can be connected to anxiety, fear & not expressing emotions.
I am interested if anybody here has had some experience with this or maybe some useful opinion on it? :)
Anything will help! Thank you!

P.S Sorry for my english. It is not my main language.
Welcome to the forums and I am pleased to meet you, Lana. My name is Di. .

Cranberry juice is always a great stand by for me in regards to my "water works".

An infection is usually (but not always) a complication of an inflammatory condition and presents itself as a secondary symptom of another underlying problem..

For example, have you been tested for vaginal thrush? Often, a bladder infection is the result of a fungal infestation rather than a bacterial one, so antibiotics will do nothing.

Also, do you find yourself having to hold your urine often due to an embarrassing situation? Frequent urine retention can lead to repeated infection, as the bladder sets new limits in regards to "fullness" and "urgency".

As well as cranberry juice, watermelon and celery juice can be very beneficial as an overall kidney and bladder tonic and sexual intimacy should be refrained from until symptoms clear up to avoid repeated infection through reinfestation.

This part of the body is associated with the second chakra, the sacral chakra called Swadhisthana, so exercises relating to balancing and healing this chakra would also prove very helpful.

If the situation does not improve after a month, a referral to a urologist would probably be in order and swabs taken to isolate and treat the critter exclusively.

All the best with it.
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