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Originally Posted by JustASimpleGuy
Possibly true if one subscribes to material reductionism being the underlying reality.

Well yeah if by "material" you mean occupied space.

Other than occupied space I have no idea what other truth you may think you are suscribed to.

Spirit-1 as metaphysical-1 mind/intellect/concepts and ego are concepts of Space, not an actual occupied or non-occupied space.

It could all be true in one sense and yet not in another. Think of the simulation hypothesis only replace computer with Brahman.

I have no idea what your "simulation hypothesis" is, nor what your Brahman is.

Everything Ive presented is rather simple stuff based on rational, logical common sense. No complex mathematical or physics equations involved.

People like to simplify by stateing Universe just IS. Sure but I like to go a step or to further and state, IS what specificly.

"Is modulation or moderation of angle and frequency"...Bucky Fuller
"Dare to be naive"... R. B. Fuller

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"The first principle is that you must not fool yourself and you are the easiest person to fool."...R Feynman
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