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Hello All.

We have talked a little about "truth".

Contemplating now concerning if and how truth relates to trust.

some thoughts (obvious thoughts) :-

Sometimes what we consider to be "true" at a particular time, and however we may have arrived at such conclusion, what we consider to be true walks arm in arm with that which we trust.

It may seem a betrayal of that trust to question this apparent comradeship.

Cynical though it may seem, the truth is that the feeling which we call trust can be intentionally cultivated by others for reasons of which we are unaware, and even being aware may not care to question, and for purposes far removed from the considerations of caring comradeship.

---And that which we consider to be "true" can in its turn actually be either unintentional or intentional misrepresentation.

How shall we discern, decide, if we have reasonable cause to question?
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