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Originally Posted by Kioma
People like absolutes. People like rules. People like not having to think.

You can often get by without having to think - Dogma and rigid dogmatic thinking are very popular - but eventually sticking to an inappropriate rule will deliver a bad result. There is no substitute for applying intelligence and awareness in any situation, even if the bare minimum to give right understanding, and therefore right action.

So many people go through life believing that any 'intentional misrepresentation' is bad, regardless of the situation or circumstance, and almost always don't follow their own beliefs in that regard, sooner or later.

But many people dislike taking responsibility for their own actions, preferring to say "I was just following orders" or "That's the rules". What they really mean is "I'd rather hurt you than risk hurting me".

Intentional misrepresentation is ethical or unethical depending on the purpose. If a salesman lies to you to make a sale, that is tantamount to theft, and unethical. If a friend tricks you for your own good, for example taking you to lunch just to get you out of your house while all your friends ready a surprise birthday party, well then that is something else isn't it? But it requires you to THINK about it. Yes, he intentionally misrepresented the reason for the lunch - and it is an act of love.

And that's the truth.

Kioma - I like your post here. Several years ago I was talked into helping someone who was in a desperate place. Only thing was, I had to misrepresent myself in order to help this person. It all backfired and, long story short, I lost a lot! Let's leave it at that.

When I look back at that severe time of using bad judgment, I honestly don't even recognize that person, that is, me. In fact I feel so strongly about it I raised my child to always tell the truth.

It took me a number of years to learn how to forgive myself for who I let myself become years ago. I can say with certainty that I'm much wiser having made that mistake in life. And isn't that what making mistakes is all about - learning on this ever changing journey we're each on in life?

So I agree with you in that human beings and human situations cannot be painted in black and white only, but infinite colors. When a forest burns down, little plants eventually take hold and start to grow in the ashes. That's how I view a human life.
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