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I did not actively study auras so I'm not even sure how many layers I've seen. When I look at my own fingers, I can see about 1/2 inch to 1 inch of purplish blue light surrounding it, day or night. I've seen about 3 different colors that came off my daughter. They are colors like hills, or bumps off her head. I've also seen a ball of energy between my son and my husband when they were deeply discussing homework one night. I think the color was bluish. In general, I've seen yellowish color, half a foot to around a foot around most people in classroom settings. The only exception was seeing my neighbors on a sunny, snowy day. They both had a beautiful turquois color surrounding them as they said hi to me. Lastly, 2 weeks before my beloved cat passed away, she emitted the most beautiful rainbow color aura in needle form, all around her little body.
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