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I certainly had my doubts after seeing the image you posted.
Then after listening to the first part of the vid. I heard 'seminars and a book'.
I did go right to "Oh boy here we go, frog skin religion".

So I went into it with the attitude of proving my doubts.
So when I said 100%, I had to examine myself and I truly could not
recall one time during the vid. where I could disagree with his words.
I wanted to disagree. It did surprise me when I could not disagree.
I can usually find something to disagree with.LOL

Will I buy his book? No, not at this time.
Will I pay and attend a seminar? No, I never have traded money for Spiritual entertainment and possible experience.

He claims his mission is to bridge indigenous knowledge back to the Western world.(Or something like that)
then he has many challenges ahead...IMO.. And those frog skins get slippery.
I do wish him well though.
I can't speak to the culture he was trained in or how they feel about it being monetized, so all this is speculation from my perspective.
Just because I believe it today, doesn't mean I will believe it tomorrow.
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