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Originally Posted by jro5139
Well and that's where I'd have to disagree with you. What I saw was exactly that. Also having worked in the mental health field for some years now I would say that those with mental illness may some of the time attract entities and thus, the two (paranormal and mental illness) can and do at times go hand in hand. Although admittedly maybe not in every case. There may be some who are just mentally ill and are really experiencing paranoia or hallucinations.
One day one of my clients went on a full breakdown, the mental health professionals that were supposed to be looking after her allowed her away from the facility knowing that the issue her meds could cause problems. They did. One minute I was teaching her how to use a computer and a short while later I had her trapped in a public toilet, where she was sitting on the floor in a puddle of her own urine and screaming at me as if I was the devil himself come to eat her. It was either that or let her run onto a very busy main road.

I don't have an issue with what you saw and what it might have meant to you, I have an issue with the whole idea of demonic possession. I could have said that woman client of mine had been possessed. The brain hallucinates our conscious reality by processing information received through the senses. Everything you know of the external world is the result of your brain's ability to process electrical signals and when the brain can't process that information things go haywire. That's why women get the reputation of being bad drivers, generally they don't have the spatial acuity that mean have. I'm only speaking generally for the sake of illustration.

Mental health issues can have any number of origins, and one of those is chemical imbalance - which is why that particular client of mine had her breakdown. Her meds didn't keep her doped down they restored the balance. The other part of this equation is how the brain interprets the information and that's very personal because it includes a whole raft of unconscious processes that might go back to early childhood.

The issues arise when people can't make the distinction between being psychic, being a medium and hearing voices/hallucinations. I was asked by someone on this forum to have a chat with a young woman who was convinced she was a medium, but there were huge doubts and questions. I was also given the link to as thread so I could see the discussion and frankly it was a horror story, people who clearly didn't have a clue about mediumship were trying to put themselves across to a woman who clearly had severe mental health issues. She was looking for an 'alternative' in Spirituality, nobody wants to believe they're a headcase. It took me a little while but I dismantled her thought processes and assured her that being a headcase wasn't so bad after all. Last I heard she was home from the ward and was going through care with her family.

At the same time I've known people who have thought they were going crazy but were psychic/mediums whose latent talents were awakening within them, and I guess in most people's eyes they would have been treated differently by the people around them. Those are very similar to my own experiences too.

What I don't do is tar anyone, but I do try and find out if what they are experiencing is Spiritual or mental health issues.

Regardless of what people believe, Spirituality is processed by what's rattling around in our noggins. There's really no difference to reading a Spiritual book and processing its contents and doing the same for any other type of information - or having a discussion in these forums. It's all about how our brains interpret the information. Childhood experiences can influence Spirituality more than people think they can - they can be the 'real reason' people turn to Spirituality in the first place.

This is where a thread like this can give people an insight as to how reality is created, it's all very well to babble on about all this "I am self aware" stuff but how many people really understand what underpins their Spirituality? How many people in this forum know how much cognitive dissonance or cognitive behaviour affects their Spirituality? Because those two are 'active members' in its creation within our reality. If a flu and a headful of snot can affect our realities, what about major mental health issues like schizophrenia and bi-polar? Did you know that schizophrenia and Spirituality come from the same areas of the brain?

There are some people who are genuine psychics/mediums and there are people who are schizophrenic, sometimes people are both at the same time. Some people have schizophrenia and want to believe they are mediums and some people who are mediums believe they are schizophrenic. Some people believe they are Spiritual because it's better than facing up to themselves. The point is that being a medium is one thing while being schizophrenic is a very different beastie, and not knowing the difference is dangerous either way.

Have you ever been in a room that felt as though it was full of happy shiny people and gave you a warm and fuzzy feeling inside? Was an entity responsible for that too? Have you felt the energies of a church or a hospital? Did you know that people give off measurable amounts of energy that can be sensed by others?

Hearing a voice that is giving you insights is one thing, hearing a voice that tells you that everybody hates you and you should shoot them is something very different. I'm not saying you should disregard anything but what I will say is that either way, a large dose of scepticism is healthy until you find out for sure. Ask questions first and use common sense. Telling someone they're a medium when they have a mental health issue is no help at all. Or vice versa.

It doesn't matter if the voices are positive or negative, it's natural for people to accept positive voices more readily than negative ones and therefore accept what might be schizophrenia after all. Some schizophrenics hear comforting or positive ones too. My voices help me out with my Spirituality sometimes, I can puzzle away with something I read in a post for hours then the voice will pop up and give me the answer - sometimes with frustration in the voice. I have an 'always-on' connection with Spirit but I'm clairsentient, which means I sense. But there's a difference in the perception of the source of the voices, and identifying that source makes the difference between internal and external voices.
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