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Originally Posted by Greenslade
Neither, they have mental health issues.
All this demonic possession is nothing more than ignorant superstition that should have died out hundreds of years ago.

Well and that's where I'd have to disagree with you. What I saw was exactly that. Also having worked in the mental health field for some years now I would say that those with mental illness may some of the time attract entities and thus, the two (paranormal and mental illness) can and do at times go hand in hand. Although admittedly maybe not in every case. There may be some who are just mentally ill and are really experiencing paranoia or hallucinations.

I've worked with schizophrenics and many other types of mental illness and I've met people who most would say that are hallucinating but they swear up and down to me that the voices they hear are real spirits and you know what, I can't say that I always disregard them. I've experienced the spirit realm and who am I to tell someone that what I experienced was real but what they are is not.
That being said, I have also had patients that I think are just experiencing paranoia and delusions and what they think is happening is not happening at all. So that happens too.

I brought what I saw up not to throw the thread off topic but because the question was posed if the two could be related and I have experience in both (experiencing a full fledged demon possession for lack of a better way to describe it and also having worked in the mental health field) and I would say that yes, and that might have to do with people with mental illness being more sensitive at times or just that they have unwittingly opened themselves up to something.

Sadly, I think at times working in this field that we do an injustice when we don't look at the spiritual aspects as I have reasons to believe that cases of mental illness are also sometimes cases of entities being involved to various degrees. I think the spiritual realm is far more involved with us than most people think.

The subject of hearing voices is so interesting to me. I feel our thoughts aren't always ours, however, most people don't know that other realms exist so they attribute any thoughts that come to their mind as theirs. I don't think just because a thought comes to us in our own voice in our head that it is necessarily our own.
Then there are others who swear they are hearing other voices and they are labeled schizophrenic or mentally ill. I have met schizophrenics that may really be hearing spirits though, that is where having had the experiences that I have had, I cannot just disregard something like that all of the time.

Personally, I don't hear voices; however, I do at times sense spirits or other entities. Having been in the same room with whatever that thing was (and believe me there is no doubt in my mind that it was evil), I don't doubt this as I also felt it's presence (along with seeing what it did to that woman).

I've never heard voices, but I have had what I would call telepathic communication. Although what communicated with me presented themselves as positive and I have not found any solid reason to believe they were not positive.

So having experienced all that, I cannot just disregard when people present things to me, even if they are diagnosed with mental illness, as purely hallucination all the time. And believe me it can make for quite a conundrum sometimes working in this field.
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