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Originally Posted by dianamadalina
When I was 19 a firm hired me for charity and was working with this woman called Bhavna. I left my job and our bussiness was over. After years I made 2 email addresses ending with 618 . Her Holiness Bhavna Shinde appeared in my life through free conference call and her Id number starts with 618. I did everything she asked me. Offering cotton flowers at her holy feet.

618 is an interesting number.

1 divided by 0.618 = 1.618
1 divided by 1.618 = 0.618

1.618 is the approximation to the Golden Mean, the phi ratio. This frequently appears in nature, geometry, art, architecture and other areas.

And the Fibonacci sequence of numbers tends ever closer to the ratio of 1.618 from each number to the next.

Analysis of a photograph of a beautiful woman or handsome man seems to show that their features are in proportions relating to the phi ratio.

So this number pertains to harmony and beauty.

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