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Originally Posted by OPVerma
ON 21ST APRIL20 NASA released a video (Video Link ACCEPTING ITS error in determining expansion. Actually the universe is expanding in length, breadth, and height wise -in 3 directions but Hubble's Equation / NASA has been considering the expansion in one direction only. Hence Error.

This fact has been mentioned in my book 'The Universe' printed in 2013 and also on SF forum link <> ERROR in ESTIMATION of the RATE OF THE EXPANSION OF the UNIVERSE on 10th Aug 18. and also 'IS THERE ANY MATHEMATICAL ERROR IN HUBBLE'S Constant ?' on 8th Aug 2015.

This post is not for the promotion of my book but for validation of proprietorial right of the research and for illuminating world with reality.

This doesn't seem correct. The expansion regards how galaxies move away from each other not in the sense that they are moving away from each other through space, but in the sense that space itself between galaxies is expanding. That's what 'expansion' refers to. Hence we observe galaxies in general moving further away in all directions; not just one galaxy becoming more distant in a single direction.
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