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Originally Posted by selflove929
I do not know for certain!
However I do feel aligned most of the time with the ebb and flow, where sometimes I feel like I am a bit further away, but then I come back stronger than ever.
Life stands as a big mystery to me, but I do know that love & acceptance, compassion, and knowing that everything seems to be the product of their own conditioning seems to help me stay in the flow of alignment and have some peace within myself.
I think I am meant to do something revolving around education young minds though, since I have been having many ideas of this kind pop into my head over the last couple of years when I am in a state of tranquility and/or inspiration!

May whoever read this be well! <3

well said,I wish you too good and happiness and really beautiful avatar picture he/she so cute is that your bird?.
all lives are sacred and holy and must be preserved,
for those who preserve life, their own life will be preserved as well, and no life is better than the other all life is equally important, and all lives are one, entwined and connected we all are, by the power of love.
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