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Originally Posted by CosmicWonder
Anybody knowing how to advice me in staying in the moment?

i love that so many replied we are in the moment. very wise!

so what would make us think we are not in the moment when we are?
i would say, just the idea we are not.
so to "feel" or "know" or "perceive" or "experience" we are "here" we just have to take our attention off our thoughts for a moment.

let the thoughts race on and on like they do, but just for a moment, take your attention off of them, give yourself a little vacation from your thinking and thoughts

but like others said, we are always in the moment, where else could we be?
but yes we get lost in our thoughts, our fears, thinking, problems, ...that's life and if we are lucky, we get a break from that, learn to turn it off from time to time.

how? there's probably a zillion ways. everything from losing oneself in painting, walking in nature, gardening, anything we enjoy really that makes us peaceful and takes our attention away from our relentless thoughts.
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