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I had this long post all written out and was editing it and hit two keys and it miraculously disappeared. That will get you in the present moment!

I struggle with this too.

What helps me is to touch my thighs with both hands and rub gently. That gets me back into my body and out of my head and grounds me into what I am doing.

Then I ask myself - what am I doing? And then I narrate my life from that perspective. And it helps me to use Appreciation to do that. If I can do that for one minute, and stay present in my mind, then it stops the chatter and I can focus on what I am doing.

If I am driving my car (and yes I like to stay present when I am driving LOL) I touch my hand to my thigh and then tell myself I am sending Reiki to myself and all the other drivers and that we all have all day to get where we are going. This curbs my driving anxiety of getting somewhere by a certain time, and then I appreciate what I am doing. I appreciate my car and I appreciate the road that I am driving on and I appreciate whatever I see that is in front of me. If I can stay focused on what I am doing for one minute, and practice that, I am less likely to daydream.

We used to call it daydreaming, which is anytime you are thinking about the past or the future and not what you are doing in the Now.

So, touch your body briefly to ground yourself, then appreciate what you are doing in the Now moment and narrate to yourself (in your head LOL) what you are doing. I.e., I am washing dishes and I am appreciating the water that helps me wash the dishes, and I am appreciating that I have water to wash the dishes, and I am appreciating the pattern on the plate, and the shine on the silverware, and the view outside my window of the tree, and I see the tree in all its magesty and I love the tree - and then love whatever you are looking for.

So, touch your body to ground yourself, and narrate what you are doing with either appreciation or love, and if you can stay present for one minute, you can then focus on what you are doing, rather than the chatter in your head.

Hope this helps.
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