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Originally Posted by AlignedWithTheHeart
I started doing breathwork every morning 4 days ago. I was feeling amazing yesterday, better than I had in years but by the nighttime some things triggered me and I been feeling really bad. Today its even worse. Everything just seems messed up and ****, Im really angry and sad. I been thinking violent thoughts which isnt normal for me. I would like to believe this is evidence that the breathwork is working.

I been feeling anger towards everyone around me, theyre unknowingly pushing all my buttons. Theyre like putting it up in my face so I cant ignore all these unhealed parts of myself. When you're uprooting trapped emotions like this, does there always have to be a trigger in the external world?
I guess who taught you do that, told you what to expect, and if it is appropriate in your case. Otherwise you wouldn't have done it, did you?
Everything expressed here is what I believe. Keep that in mind when you read my post, as I kept it in mind when I wrote it. I don't parrot others. Most of my spiritual beliefs come from direct channeling guidance. I have no interest in arguing whose belief is right, and whose is wrong. I'm here just to express my opinions, and read about others'.
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