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Originally Posted by Miss Hepburn
So, that's a real thing? Generational and ancestral DNA?
And thanks, btw. :)
See, I would think what is in her subconscious mind would be what blocks her...our core beliefs are BIG.

ocpaul20 ---I'd be interested in that link now. :)

Nothing in this reality is a real thing, when you dream, or you move into your subconscious mind, you are moving closer to what is actually real. Every time you access someones subconscious mind, all you are doing is changing their vibration, or accessing a different version of that self, or ego, and shifting to it. There is a timeline where she is doing really well, and one where she is not. That truth exists for everyone.

If you choose to enter into the mechanical realm, the layers of destiny, then you will be following more closely to universal law. To provide a example, imagine you put a VR headset on. Are the characters you interact with in the virtual reality real to you, the player? Most would say no.

Equally, would any of the characters from the VR understand that you are a player? They are bound by their programming and what the creator has allowed them to do when you interact with them.
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