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Talking Hijacking A Monster Body!

Doing an out of body the other day,

I went into the bathroom of my house, and my own reflection was a monster!

I was fully dark and black as the universe, but I also have vivid digital red stripes along my body.

I wasn't scared at all, I was thinking instead "Dude, I look soooo cool and badass. But if somebody encounters me on this form, it's probably going to think I am the devil or something"

I spent a lot of time in the mirror looking at this monster body.

I am still not sure If I have a monster body in other dimension currently, If I Hijacked this body that is not mine, or If morphed into it

The lesson of this experience was, If you see a dark entitity when you do an out of body experience, don't be afraid!

It could be a cool guy that it isn't even aware of what form it has

Try to operate a monster body next time you do an out of body
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