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worldly trinket

Originally Posted by Aditi
Very true. Your point reminds me of that devotee (I don't recall his name, it's been a while since I heard the story) of Chaitanya's, who refused to accept a boon, saying something like, "I won't barter my love for worldly trinkets." After being talked into asking for something, all he wanted was that Chaitanya should always remain in his life in a context similar to Krishna the butter thief.
While worldly trinkets too has its value , Love for divine too is very precious to treasure and preserve. We can have divine touch even in our worldly pursuits by understanding , respecting and following their precept even if slowly .

Originally Posted by Aditi
I absolutely agree, but at the same time, I think speaking out loud to God is something everyone should do, or at least try, sometimes. It's probably not that God needs to hear you with ears or anything like that, I suspect it's related more to your willingness to appear crazy in the eyes of the world. But there really is something to it.

Speaking out loud is definitely good from psychological/physiological perspective. My point was God's language is multi-faceted and He can understand all kinds of communication (spoken/unspoken/thought/written/ unwritten /acted upon/between the lines) and determine the real talk/thought/point of the seeker easily.
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