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Originally Posted by Johnathanrs
Yeah, I read about this on someone's blog. They actually labeled it above the soul chakra dealing with ancestor karma and all. Everyone has their own ideology. To be honest, I sense more than 12 chakras, so the model doesn't work for me. Thanks for the read recommendation, I might check it out.
The Soul Star is about the ancestral stuff, among others. Also your unique gifts and talents, from this life and previous. For many this is now activating.

The other day Tim Whild mentioned the next stage, which no one is ready for now, would be something like "united chakras". Not necessarily verbatim, but something like that.
But most haven't even integrated / awakened the 5D ones yet so that next phase will take time.
Maybe around 2032, which is a pivotal time where we should be in the new 5D. Oddly enough the ones who are trying desperately to stop this process also mention 2032 or 2030.

Anywho, there are more chakras, but those tend to be minor ones. I've also heard people talk about working with the Alta Major (I think it was) chakra, somewhere at the back of the head or basis of the skull.
But for some reason this chakra is never mentioned in any chakra model.
I've also used a type of chakra high up at the neck/ base of the skull which was said to be a portal to 6D. Now I'm not sure if this IS that alta major chakra? I do know it is for real because boy, could I feel that! It is so powerful that I was always glad we stopped using it in meditation/visualisation.
Not sure if that discomfort is related to my neck injury. Nevertheless, it was really powerful!
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