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Originally Posted by Legrand
Kung Fu means mastery of. So you could have kung fu for cooking or anything else.

If you say Shaoling Kung Fu, which I learned, it encompass the mastery of many arts, Tai chi and Qi Qong are part of them, as astrology, geomancy, acupuncture and many other disciplines are part of that type of kung fu.

There is no problem with gaining the mastery of Tai-chi alone, no danger for the body, as you are learning to watch your body move as your chi and your breath move.

Qi Qong as special exercises in it that could be dangerous for the balance of Chi in the body if not well applied.

They are more esoteric teachings in Shaoling Kung Fu that are better to learn with a grand master, if not it is like playing with fire.


Thank you very much :) the person who teaches me is a realized person. He did things like this for years. But he takes things more lightly with me. He just teaches me movements too. And the small movements within the movements too. I myself teach myself to animate my body. Not so much my chi. Rather physical functions and taking control of them. Never heard someone do that this way. But discovered myself it is very possible for me.
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