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Originally Posted by CosmicWonder
Hii all,

Iím learning a mix of tai, internal kung fu and qi gong from a friend. Not sure which part is which. Maybe itís all just one thing Iím practicing.

Itís hard work. First I enjoyed it, but now I need some time off. Itís better to let things rest when youíve made a lot of growth.

Iíve learned a bit of control and opening up the body (not sure if I do it the right way). I also pushed real hard to move into my body. And really make this stretch etc to move entirely into my body. And it was really good for me. In the end it helped me handle stress better. And am still learning from the experience.

I mostly wanted to deal with animating the body. Which is done not only by moving the muscles, but also taking control over the heart and other organs. In this Iíve succesfully grown.

Itís hard work. And one must be ready as with any and every spiritual practice. So itís a lot to process for now.

Much kindness,

Cosmic Wonder

Just curious but why are you learning three Arts at the same time as you have just Posted that you don't which is which ?
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