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Originally Posted by IntrepidExplorer
You're welcome. You don't have to do a 9 card for me...I was dying to do one because I wanted the practice! Thanks for shedding light on those cards - you'll have to let me know how it all goes. Good luck 🙂

Okay, so I've been making some handmade items that I'd like to sell in my own online shop (which I would have to set up). I want to know how successful i would be in selling them if I did go ahead and try to do that.

Thank you!
My apologies for taking so long. Things kept coming up one after the other, not necessarily bad, but just busy.

I used the expanded Gilded Reverie Lenormand. The Well, that came up, is one of the extra cards.

I do feel it is looking good.
I got:
Sun - Well - Dog - Letter
Theme card: the Heart
I felt like drawing one more card, the extra card: Anchor

I feel it will work but you do have to stick the course, and for some reason I feel like maybe working with someone, even if only temporary. Could be as simple as an affiliation. I got that sense with the Dog, not sure why but it felt strong.

Networking is important with the Letter, maybe blogging, or having a newsletter. Maybe a good thing to get working on an email list.

The Well is about creating, wishes, but also working hard and staying centred. So have a clear view of what you want, how you want it etc. and stick with that.

If you keep following your heart your well won't run dry of inspiration and ideas. But as with everything, balance is important of course :)

Hope this makes sense?
Maybe you get even more out of it.

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