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Esoteric philosophers held that everything in nature is but a materialization of
spirit. The Eternal First Cause is latent spirit, they said, and matter from the
beginning. "In the beginning was the word . . . and the word was God." While
conceding the idea of such a God to be an unthinkable abstraction to human reason,
they claimed that the unerring human instinct grasped it as a reminiscence of
something concrete to it though intangible to our physical senses. With the first
idea, which emanated from the double-sexed and hitherto-inactive Deity, the first
motion was communicated to the whole universe, and the electric thrill was
instantaneously felt throughout the boundless space. Spirit begat force, and force
matter; and thus the latent deity manifested itself as a creative energy.

When; at what point of the eternity; or how? the question must always remain
unanswered, for human reason is unable to grasp the great mystery. But, though
spirit-matter was from all eternity, it was in the latent state; the evolution of our
visible universe must have had a beginning.

Blavatsky, Isis Unveiled
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