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Originally Posted by MysticRose
Good post! Things have changed a lot. Now people can attune themselves.I was also taught that the Raku was part of the symbols that Makio Usui taught. It was to be used at the end of the writing of the symbols to shut off the flow of the energy. We were told not to forget to do it. When I was attuned, I had an experience I will never forget. My attunement came from the masters at a distance. I was ready at the appointed time it was to take place. I was lying down at home. I felt something shift in my solar plexus, and heard a grating noise and I had a feeling it was similar to a manhole cover moving towards its hole, and in my case, it was adjusting my chakras.
Then I saw Makio Usui and he flooded my vision with Japanese symbols, and he smiled at me in warm welcome. Oh, how I wish I knew Japanese other than the symbols we have been taught.

When I had my first attunement, Makio Usui showed up. His presence almost shocked me. I had no ide he might show up.


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