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Originally Posted by Gar81
Hello all,

Iím a week in to a 22minute daily Kirtan Kriya. In my life Iv overcome a terrible sex addiction , but since starting the Kriya this old behaviour is rampant in me but Iím not acting out on it. Has anyone any info about if the Kriya bringing out old patterns of behaviour, is it normal?? And does it last long .

Thank you so much for reading my post

It is quite natural for spiritual practices to bring old patterns to the surface to be released. This may confuse some people, who find themselves having to deal with aspects of themselves they thought they had left behind.

So maybe observe what is arising in you without judgement. The sex impulse can be very strong but try to remain as the witness without getting caught up in it.

Alternatively, if you remain mindful then you can stop these sexual thoughts as they arise. If you dwell on them and feed them energy then they will persist. If you don't give your attention to these thoughts then they will wither away.

And there is nothing wrong with sex, but life is a lot easier if we control our sex drive rather than having our sex drive dictating our life.

How long will it last? Who knows. But like everything else, it will pass.

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