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I read somewhere quite recently that those with addictive behaviours,habits etc,who seem to forever chase a high,a feeling and always out of reach,that they are more spiritually aware than others and always seeking answers,a compensate,well,a bandaid for the 'hole in the soul'.

They sense that something is missing but don't know what it is. They long for relief from the aching void inside ... but they're confused,always searching and seeking.....

Old patterns of behaviour surfacing are obviously unresolved.

Search for the value, meaning and purpose hidden within the behaviour surfacing and why.

Originally Posted by Lyman Beecher
Conscience thunders, remorse goads, and as the gulf opens before him, he recoils and trembles, and weeps and prays, and resolves and promises and reforms, and “seeks it yet again”; again resolves and weeps and prays, and “seeks it yet again.” Wretched man, he has placed himself in the hands of a giant who never pities and never relaxes his iron gripe. He may struggle, but he is in chains. He may cry for release, but it comes not; and Lost! Lost! May be inscribed upon the door-posts of his dwelling.
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