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I know just what you are describing. I've had that too. The way it moved made me years(!) later think it could have been my ex who would have a typical way of moving like that. He was then still alive. If so he would have astral traveled. Only some say then you are in the shape of an invisible ghost and someone like that can not open and close doors and move past you like that. But there are those who claim you can. I guess it is a mystery I will never solve.

Draft is one thing, but being able to open up locked and closed doors and then moving on to the next thing - all while you can see nothing with your own eyes - what ever it is that is doing that? It's just mind blowing. One is desperate for a logic explaination.

Could I ask if you have felt a specific smell? The ex use to smoke a specific brand.This is what I would smell. Years (again as you can guess i move slow, LOL) later got in contact with previous owner and was told no one in the family had smoked and so no one smoked that brand. Just thinking that if you can smell something suddenly you could think of a person you know with that type of smell?

It has too happened as if I suddenly hit against an invisible wall that is there one moment and the other not. Children has explained the same thing.

I have too woken up like that, with a wall of a body as if pressured on to mine. It would not go away either. It was surreal. I felt with my hand and went through yet I could see that the side of my own body was clearly pressed as if some other body was pressured against it. A part of me thought wake up! or I need glasses! and the one and classic line which is "this can't be happening". It would not move either. I would think the way my hand moved across what would have been the legs if it was something there it should have awoken?? I had to leave the bedroom. While I left I kept staring at the bed and it was still there!!! I just went out, closed the door, got myself a strong cup of coffee and try to slap my cheeks to straighten myself out. It made me very much doubt my sanity but as turns out they claim there is nothing wrong with me, LOL. Has happened again and then I was in a hotel so it is not tied down to my home.

Anyways, I understand where you are coming from. To me it is confirmation you experience it too, that it is real, you described it well, I think, when that kind of energy moves.
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