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Bizarre Butterflies

So a few weeks ago I was outside in the garden and there were an unusual amount of butterflies around. It was a warm day but there have been other warm days here and not as many about, but I kept seeing them constantly and many of them came close by.

That night I was rushed in to hospital and I was scared about it as I hate hospitals. And this was where the butterfly synchronicities came in to effect. First, I was moved in to a room in A&E called The Butterfly Room (it was proudly displayed on the door). There were a few decorative butterflies in the room too.

I was moved on to a ward the next day with 6 beds on and you know those white boards they have above the beds which usually have people's names on?, everyone's board was blank, nothing on it. But my board had a butterfly in the bottom left hand corner. Not a real one but it was an outline drawing of one that had been stuck there. And when I walked out of the hospital a few hours later, my partner went to grab the car and I waited in the entrance which was outside but sort of had a roof covering over it and a butterfly appeared close by and circled around me before flying off.

I like to think my Nan was watching over me that day because she knew I was scared. Or maybe a guardian angel or maybe it was all a big coincidence but coincidence or not, it certainly made me feel comforted and happy and I always notice the butterflies around me now whenever I go outside.
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