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I went through all the reiki trainings. It was difficult for me to use as well. I would be in the middle of a session and then have to go run and puke. I am very isolated in my discovery with no one to talk to about these things. I picked up somewhere that Reiki was an earth energy And decided since I wasn’t very much attuned to the earth that that was the problem. I went on to become a reiki master teacher And head up to the retreat only to find the teacher telling us that he was visited the night before and had received information that extra terrestrial beings had tainted the Reiki Ray. Take it for what it’s worth. And he was given the a different process for the god love Ray. So that’s what we did instead. I had absolutely no problems working with that energy. I am personally under the mind that nobody needs anything Special to tap in to the healing light. They only need to get them self to a place to tap into it
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