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Originally Posted by hallow
I am normally not the type of person to complain about meat. But today I cooked 3lbs of frozen boneless skinless chicken thighs in the crock pot. (The cheap stuff I was cooking for work). I didn't add anything at all to the chicken. When it was done cooking there was enough water in it to make chicken soup. How can 3lbs pounds of chicken turn into 1 1/2lbs? The rest was mostly water. I understand cooking beef, the fat cooks off. But there was no fat on the chicken. It's just really weird to me.
Does organic chicken do the same thing?? I have made chicken thighs with the bone and skin many times and never had that much water.
Not entirely surprising, some possible factors to think about.
1) The cheap stuff does often have brine added so that may be part of the answer.
2) The thighs are tastier IMO, because they have much more fat that the breasts.
3) When you freeze meat, ice crystals form and puncture cell membranes allowing additional water to seep out when thawed and cooked. I always notice a big difference between cooking fresh (never frozen) and thawed meat of any kind.
4) You cooked them in a crock pot, a frying pan would have been evaporating much of that water as it cooks, the CP keeps it in the pot.
5) Poultry muscle is about 75% water.
6) You as a whole have an even higher % water content. After all, you are an ugly bag of mostly water...according to some. And perhaps a bit hard of hearing, according to them anyway.
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