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Originally Posted by Shivani Devi
This is only my own personal, experiential take on it and in no way is it meant to be the definitive or even the ultimate take on it.

God is the most skilled, brilliant and effulgent of all the multi-dimensional energetic beings...a conscious, self aware presence of pure, uncorrupted and unconditional Light and Love and yet, He is not limited to or by any description of "Him" for what God IS just goes on forever.

I say "Him" because this energy I feel has a masculine quality, although at times I have also felt it as a female energy - as many also do, however God has no gender...and in saying that, God can appear to the aspirant as having gender or no fact, God is the ultimate shape-shifting creature, appearing as many things simultaneously as if to constantly trick us into believing that it is NOT God.

The experience of God can either be localised or universal and there is no Paradox between any Duality when it includes God as the "wild card" fact, God is the ultimate singularity...Generator, Operator, Destroyer all rolled into one and yet beyond any definition, even though He can also be confined to an ideology if that is the only way a "concept" of a Divine Being can ever be understood and for most, this is a question of faith more than of science.

I could spend all day here talking about a description...and I still wouldn't have even begun and yet, it is also as simple as describing a grain of is people who make things more difficult to understand than they need to be.

Also..nobody can say what God is NOT, because that puts negative limitations on an omnipotent Being who can be (and is) anything it darn well wants to be!
It is only people who say "God is this but it cannot be that" and all I can say is "why not"? when you are dealing with the ONLY thing which can break any of the rules it made itself just because it has nothing better to do.

God is Truth. We are also Truth. That’s what we’re on earth to learn and practice.

We derived from Nothing, the silence. Everything everyone, everyywhere is a projection of that silence/ that Truth.

We all know who we really are deep down, we just get stuck in the game of life, stuck in desire, ffooled by the imagery, stuck on the mediocre drug of material desires.

When really, the greatest gift, bliss and the greatest power and drug of all is the Truth.